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Redirects your Internet traffic through various virtual private networks
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An easy and efficient way of extending your network using the VPN technology, b.VPN guarantees full speed and no time limitations via a global network of Tier-4 ultra-secure servers. The VPN client is extremely easy to set up, and its automated settings allow you to forget about logging in every time you need to make use of your VPN applications. It offers access to all VPN servers and supports multiple operating systems and hand-held devices.

The service that b.VPN offers can be summarized in just two concepts – ease of use and security. Unlike other VPN clients, which require you to go through annoying login processes and server selection procedures, b.VPN offers you a fully automated connection process that requires very little intervention on your side. Once you have authenticated your registration, you can set your client to launch automatically at startup, and even to connect directly to a randomly selected server as soon as you run the application. In case of connection failure, the client can also be set to reconnect automatically without further requirements. Alternatively, if you wish, you can select your preferred server from the list provided.

This VPN client tool will protect your privacy against the threats that some hotspots and other Wi-Fi networks can pose risks to the safety of your data transmissions. Granting access to all VPN servers – including OpenVPN, SSH, and L2TP – navigation speed and connection availability are both guaranteed and unlimited. You can install b.VPN on any Windows, iOS, Mac OS, and Android device, so that secure and fast access to your data are assured regardless of where you are and of the hardware device you are using.

b.VPN offers a high level of usability and reliability in a simple and easy-to-configure VPN client. Besides, its flexible subscription plans offer affordable prices designed to meet the needs of all potential users.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Extremely easy to set up
  • Can run at system startup
  • Allows for automatic and manual server selection
  • Reconnects automatically
  • No time restrictions or speed limits


  • No drawbacks found during the review
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